An interview with men's soccer standout Zach Morrill

By Michael Ademola, Student Reporter

With the 2018 season soon approaching for the men’s soccer team, Student Reporter Michael Ademola interviewed the Knight’s star player, Zach Morrill.

Michael Ademola: When you look back on last season what were two stand out moments for your squad? One being a high point and the other being a low point?

Zach Morrill: The high point I can remember would be beating Williamson (College of the) Trade for the first time in school history. The low point of the season last year was losing the following game to Williamson (College of the) Trade seeing as we had just beaten them.

MA: As the star player, there are a lot of eyes on you. How do you handle that pressure of being watched by your teammates, coaches, opponents and fans of CPC’s soccer team?

ZM: The way I handle the pressure is taking each game as it is. I don't really focus on my stats, I am just focused on playing and enjoying the moment. If I play that way and have that mindset, I know good things will come for the team.

MA: Last year, playing striker you had 15 goals and 17 assists. How do you balance being the number one scorer but also setting up your teammates to score as well?

ZM: I don’t balance it; I just play. The team is more important than anything, and any way I can help, I am satisfied with.

MA: Are there any particular players from the incoming freshmen and returning players that fans should watch out for?

ZM: Fans should watch out for returning players like Kyle Stauffer, Dylan Kleintop and Taylor Martin. Also freshmen such as Trevor Holderegger, Kyle Vargas and Ted Kreitz.

MA: You may be the star player, but you’re also a junior here at Central Penn. As a student athlete, how do you think your team members may look up to you, on and off the field?

ZM: I think my work ethic is pretty good. I tend to stay on top of my school work and I am always prepared for practice being 100 percent focused.

MA: Looking back on last season again, is there anything that you think you need to improve on for this upcoming season?

ZM: We can improve on a lot, but what stands out the most is everyone being 100 percent committed and all in this entire season. Not getting complacent, always wanting more.

MA: What is one goal, no pun intended, that you want to reach this year?

ZM: My personal goal is to be the best teammate and captain I can be. But as a team goal, I want to reach the national tournament.

The follow interview was lightly edited for clarity.