Knights challenge the Mechanics

By Trey Linnane, Student Reporter

On Thursday, Oct. 17 the Knights of Central Penn challenged the Mechanics of Williamson Trade. The Knights have never defeated the Mechanics, so the team was hoping for their first win against them.

The Knights scored fourteen minutes into the first half when captain Mark Swope threw the ball to Greg Walker, who found the back of the net. After that goal both teams had great opportunities, but neither were able to capitalize.

At the beginning of the second half, the Knights had another opportunity to score. Swope was found a few yards outside of the box by Zach Morrill, who was taking a free kick. He hit the ball on the ground as the Mechanics wall jumped, allowing the ball to go into the net. This goal put the Knights up 2-0. The Mechanics scoring with sixteen minutes left in the game.

With time dwindling, the Mechanics had one last chance to score. They received a corner kick with ten seconds left and as the ball pinged around in the box, the buzzer sounded, but the referee did not blow the whistle, allowing the Mechanics to score a goal with zeroes on the clock.

There was deliberation amongst the referees about whether the clock struck zero before the ball went in the net. They decided the ball was in before the clock reached zero.

The Knights and Mechanics entered overtime with the game tied at two. The Knights scored the golden goal 2 minutes and 44 seconds into overtime. Freshman Taylor Martin scored the game winning goal. When asked what was going through his head when he scored the goal, he said “ I thought to myself did I really just hit that and was that really my left foot?!”

With this victory, the Knights move to 8-4 on the season. Their next game is Thursday, Oct. 26 when they will face the Mechanics of Williamson Trade again.