Knights repeat win against PSU Lehigh

By Trey Linnane, Student Reporter

On Sept. 21, the Central Penn Knights soccer team visited PSU Lehigh.

Last year the Knights beat Lehigh and entered this game hoping for the same result. The Knights got their first chance when Zach Morrill (shown at left) passed the ball to Boris Nde who found the back of the net for the Knights and the first goal of the game. After a few strong, but unsuccessful attacks by Lehigh, Kyle Stauffer passed the ball to Morrill who scored the second goal for the Knights at the end of the first half.

The Knights came out firing to begin the second half when Stauffer found Morrill again, who bypassed the goalie and easily put the ball in the back of the net. After a failed attacked by Lehigh, captain Mark Swope found Morrill who scored once again, earning his first hat trick of the season. After Lehigh gave up the ball in their defensive third, Morrill crossed the ball in the air, finding the head of Steve Osango who scored his first goal of the season.

As tempers started flaring, a few yellow cards were handed out to both teams. Nde was 1-on-1 with the Lehigh goalie, but was fouled and was awarded a penalty kick. He found the back of the net with ease, scoring his second goal of the day and putting the final score at 6-0.