Lady Knights visit HNJ girls' basketball program

The season might be over, but the women’s basketball team continues to give back as much as possible.

Last week, Lady Knights visited the Holy Name of Jesus (HNJ) girls’ basketball program in Harrisburg. The Jets––fifth- and sixth-graders––were the CYO champions for the 2018–2019 season. The two teams participated in a joint postseason practice.

“It was a special night to see the two programs mesh,” said Lady Knights Head Coach Kasey Hicks, “I enjoy seeing our girls interacting and being positive role models in the community, especially to the younger basketball players who look up to them.”

This was the second community service event that the Lady Knights have participated in this year. Earlier in the season, they took a trip to The Nativity School of Harrisburg to inspire and interact with students from all different backgrounds.

Sharing the court

The Lady Knights found themselves in game situations being “coached” by several HNJ Jets at a time. But the young players were not the only ones who enjoyed and benefited from the experience. “I remember being their age and looking up to older athletes, but never thought about little kids doing the same to me,” says Kayla Murren, CPC freshman forward. “It was an experience that I will never forget.”

Vice President of Academic Affairs (and proud dad) Eric Zeglen also was on hand for the special practice session. His daughter Katherine plays for the Jets.

“I want to thank our CPC women’s basketball team in demonstrating strong leadership, sportsmanship and ‘court skills’ to these young women,” says Zeglen. “The HNJ team (players and parents) were thrilled and honored for the CPC team’s commitment of giving back to the community.”

“This is an experience the HNJ team will remember forever and underscores the importance of community involvement for Central Penn College,” says Zeglen.

Senior Micaela Sensenig summed up the experience for herself and her CPC teammates: “Seeing how the girls and their families looked up to us is indescribable, and that’s what this team is all about! Spread love and encourage those around you in whatever way that you can, and with us, that’s through basketball!”