October Athletes of the Month

By Paige Pendl, Student Reporter

The October female Athlete of the Month goes to Samantha Wagner. Wagner is a senior at Central Penn College and will be graduating in May. She majors in business marketing and has great aspirations for her life. She plans to work in the sports aspect of her field and market for teams and other sports-related activities.

Originally from Bucks County, Pa., Wagner has grown up involved in sports around her community. She began playing soccer when she was four-years-old and has not stopped since. She played varsity all four years for her high school and continues to play on the soccer team here at CPC. Sam is a three-year veteran of the soccer program and has played every position in soccer; from her starting position on defense to midfield and forward.

“She has been a great leader, teammate and role model for the team,” says team captain Paige Pendl. “She is a very versatile player and continues to make great strides to help the team.”

In addition to soccer, Wagner plays on the CPC basketball and volleyball teams. Starting in eighth grade, she played basketball up until her junior year and then picked it back up in college. Playing as a guard in basketball both this year and last, she is also an outside hitter in volleyball.

Though Wagner's athletics seem to glorify her, her academics do just as much. Wagner is the female Athlete of the Month due to her outstanding performance in the classroom. She has managed to keep a high GPA and stay involved academically in order to continue to play sports. She works very hard to balance sports, school and her job. Being able to manage all of those obstacles and still manage to keep her grades up, goes to show how dedicated she is to her academic success and sports. 

Wagner has proven that the "student" part of "student athlete" is a very important concept when it comes to getting the proper education. She encourages all student athletes to keep up the hard work and remember that your education comes first, because without an education and good grades, sports cannot be an option.

October’s male student Athlete of the Month goes to Zachary Morrill for his outstanding performance both on and off the field. Morrill, a freshman at CPC, has put in a great deal of time and effort into his academics and athletic program.

Morrill is studying business administration and looks forward to persuing his career right after school. Originally from Mechanicsburg, Pa., he grew up playing soccer. He attended Cumberland Valley High School, where he played varsity soccer as their top left midfielder. Continuing to play soccer, he is one of the top scoring players for the Central Penn Knights men's soccer team.

Teammates say that Morrill is "a great player" with "extreme speed and great skill." The men's head coach Thomas Birch had nothing but positive words about the young Zach Morrill, saying, "Zach was heavily recruited and for good reasons. Not only did he play under a coach I very much respect, Zach also shows the qualities of a freshmen who is hungry to make an instant impact on a new program. This is only the beginning of what this young man can achieve."

Proud of all the hard work and skills his players possess, Coach Birch is also aware of all the academic standards of his players. Morrill has proven that being focused on the field must also persist in his school work. Soccer is a very important part of understanding who Morrill is as a person and how important the sport is to him. One of his greatest achievements in life is that he is proud that he has continued to play the sport he loves and is always improving.

As Morrill completes his first term here at Central Penn, he does his best to balance things out. He prides himself on his time management skills, as he is able to balance the intense workload of school and play on a collegiate soccer team. His hard work off the field, in the classroom, proves that an education is just as important as a sport.

Morrill is a spectacular example of how being a super star on the field can also translate to the classroom environment. Morrill would like to thank his parents for always supporting him in his education and soccer career and appreciates all that they have done for him. The constant support from his mom and dad push him to do the best he can both academically and athletically.