One-on-one with the Knights' Coach Fisher

By Michael Ademola, Student Reporter

Student reporter Michael Ademola interviewed Doug Fisher, the men's soccer coach, about the upcoming season. 

Michael Ademola: Last season you had a solid record, finishing at 9-7. What is one high point you won’t forget from last year?

Coach Fisher: We upset Williamson Trade, a team we had never beaten in our history, on an overtime goal by PTA student/athlete Taylor Martin. That was the high-point of our season.

MA: Is there anything from last season that you wish you and your team could have experienced, despite the highs and lows you guys encountered?

CF: We just missed an opportunity to participate in the national championship tournament in Virginia. A top-20 ranking wasn’t quite good enough.

MA: Moving on to the present, what are your expectations for the upcoming season?

CF: We will settle for nothing less than making the championship tournament.

MA: You have a new team this year, with some key players returning and a nice influx of freshmen. Will you have to coach this team differently than you coached last year’s team?

CF: Every year is different, as is every team. The personality of our 2019 squad is strong, accepting only 100% commitment from every player. My methods will not change, but my handling of the team will, accommodating their wishes that only those who are fully committed get to play. Our systems of play and training philosophy will be largely similar to 2018. I could not be more excited about the potential of this team.

MA: You have star player, junior Zach Morrill, returning. How excited are you for him this year and what leadership do you expect from him?

CF: Zach had better numbers than the majority of the selected all-Americans in 2018. He is a gifted talent who will tell you, he is only as good as his teammates. The leadership on our team is strong and fully committed to our principles and standards. I expect Zach to have an even stronger 2019!

MA: Are there any lesser-known players on the team that we should keep an eye on?

CF: I believe every player on our squad will be solid. Keep an eye on returning forward Kyle Stauffer, freshmen Kyle Vargas and Ted Kreitz, as well as Dylan KleintopTaylor Martin and Todd Berry. We have many versatile players who can move around and help us attack the weaknesses of each opponent.

MA: What is the number one goal that you hope to achieve this season?

CF: A team GPA over 3.0 and individual grades that keep our student athletes in school so they can obtain an education that serves them for a lifetime.

This article was lightly edited for clarity.